Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three in Final Race To Become People's Candidate

Today when 14 crore voters stand to vote for the first time in the country we must decide whom to vote and why. Youth For Equality realizes the importance of politics. Without being part of the system we can not amend the system. Considering the responsibility reposed on Youth For Equality by the common citizen of India, we have started many campaigns. Youth for equality is the first organization to start No criminal’s campaign by putting up hoardings with the message “welcome to state of criminals. 40% MLA’s in Delhi are criminals”. What began then a Lone voice against criminals in politics then has today turned into a movement.

Youth for Equality decided to make direct political intervention in the coming Lok sabha polls to continue fight against reservations, against outdated and dysfunctional system and against criminals in parliament.

Youth For Equality launched a political wing. We decided to select a people’s candidate. We have invited the resumes for Lok Sabha candidates for New Delhi constituency till 30th march.

We have recieved-223 resume of whom –

1) 117 resume from the students less than 25 years

2) more than 40 years are- 37 resume

3) without voter’s card-7 resume

4) from out side delhi-9 resume

So finally we selected 53 candidates for first phase of screening and we divided them into 5 groups and selected one from each group. In second phase screening we selected 3 candidates. They will be offered to open forum on Tuesday in which local residents and panel of experts will be invited to screen them openly, in front of media. All the media person’s are invited to witness this open debate. We will also perform online opinion for the above mentioned candidates and finally we will select the Lok ummedwar that will be people’s candidate and he/she will be the Y4E's candidate.

Time and venue for open debate-

Time- 6.00 pm, Day- 7 April 2009 (Tuesday)

Venue- Model Park, Sector- D, Type- 2,

Opposite Birla Mandir, Mandir Marg Police Station

New Delhi

(For the detail, please call- 9718574617)

Unique features of Our political movement

1. First time in the history of India a student’s organization is launching its political wing. Till day Political parties have been launching their student wings.

2. Membership of Youth for Equality is not open for all but only on reference of an existing member

3. Person has to work for social cause and give a time commitment of at least one hour every week.

4. Policies and our directions will be decided by non political people who will never come into executive working of the organization. Office bearers will only be powerless executives discharging their responsibilities.

5. We are first in India to make our accounts completely transparent and will be disclosed to all every month. How ever small or big transactions may be.

6. There will be a panel of 3 independent people’s commissioners who will be eminent public personalities to supervise all affairs in the organization. They will not be members of youth for equality.

7. Will not field our own candidate but will give our platform to People’s Candidate. (Selection of LOK Umeedwar defined in annexure.)

8. We are also launching a nationwide Election Helpline for using 49’0 (None of the above) option. This helpline will also give details of candidate’s background in Delhi.

Numbers are 9968880956 and 9968880958


1. Anti reservation Ideology

2. First political organization to favor 49’0

3. No criminals in politics campaign

4. Swiss Bank 3 Trillion black money belonging to Indians be bought back.

5. Change -

a. Outdated Constitution,

b. Various criminal laws and peoples’ representation act,

c. Age limit, qualification, right to recall,

d. Punishment system for criminal, law breakers

6. Stricter judiciary, stringent laws and no escape route for corruption and other crime including terrorism.

7. Fixing target and fixing accountability for each small or big government sponsored scheme.

8. After going through this selecting procedure we found that majority of the applicants are in between 18 to 25 years. But unfortunately due to government policy they can’t fight election, even they have right to vote and the youth are a big vote bank. Every political party is wooing the youth but none of them is actually ready to give them the chance to lead the nation. We demand that age should be reduce 18 from 25, to fight the election, then only it will be possible to handover the power to young leaders.


  1. Mera Bharat Mahan, 100 main se 99 beimaan

    I wish I could meet the person who wrote this dialogue, for this captures in true essence the India of the past, the present, and if not for a revolution, the India of the future.

    Corruption, criminalization, caste etc, seem to be present each and every time in an intellectual discussion or debate, like true friends, always there.

    India hosts 300 million poor of the world, those living in the villages and tier two cities, fight for survival.

    Leaving apart the Ambani's or the Dhoni's, India never exists for most people of the country.
    I am not sure even how many Indians have ever visited New Delhi, or maybe how many Indians know who our Prime Minister is.

    A Raj Thackrey of MNS speaks some crap about the so called north Indians, knowing he is backed by the so called Marathi petty regionalism.

    How many Indians actually want to fight social evils themselves, the answer to this will be amazing, I am sure of this fact.

    Please incorporate some issues that people apart from the enlightened ones can relate to like specific targets related to malnutrition,
    education and reinvented patriotism.

    Try asking how many youth of urban cities want to work for say two years developing rural infra?

    One solution i could think of was to send the students of all colleges in their summer breaks for compulsory village developmental programme, so that they see how things are different from the ones they read in papers.

    I have a great hope for YFE, but we need to hit the right spot, the Indian Psyche.

  2. Hi,

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    Best Regards
    Saiyad Zama

  3. We want people to come over here at this area and take over the corrupt politicians